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Unmarried Separation Agreement

If you are unmarried and need to separate from your partner, we can advise on childcare and finance agreements.

Unmarried Separation Agreement

Get clarity on the roles, responsibilities and rights following relationship breakdown, with an unmarried separation agreement.

If you are unmarried when your relationship breaks down, you will  face many of the same issues as married couples. However, the legal situation is often very different. This is because the law relating to unmarried couples does not work in the same way as the law relating to married couples. It does not matter how long you have lived together as a couple.

An unmarried separation agreement is a legal document that sets out a range of roles and responsibilities. These include:

  • Arrangements for children
  • How assets and property are split
  • Who is responsible for paying for what

The benefit of a separation agreement (also known as a deed of separation) is that it records everything in writing. This can both minimise the risk of future conflict, and court proceedings.

When creating a separation agreement, we always look to work collaboratively with your former partner and their legal team. This helps to ensure you benefit from an unmarried settlement agreement that works for everyone involved. Wherever possible, we aim to resolve issues and conflict without the need for court proceedings

We offer the expert legal advice and practical solutions that will assist you in making the right choices about your home, children and your money.

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